Fast and the Fueless

Fast and the Fueless

In May 2021 Matt, Mitchell, Michael and Tess the Tesla embarked on the ultimate road tour.  

Perth to Kununurra, Western Australia
Wed 12 May – Sun 23 May 2021

Charging from Perth to Kununurra, Matt from Best IT tested out the latest technology in his new Tesla and pushed its environmentally friendly electric turbo engine to its limits across the WA outback in search of the best power points.

Mitchell and Michael from Triple M hitched a ride and raced to deliver their live breakfast shows on the road in some of our favourite regional locations, while Tess the Tesla kicked back and plugged in to recharge for the next leg. The lads drilled Matt on the daily for his best IT, technology and Tesla intel, and shared some of the shenanigans and bromances that happen on tour.



  • Geraldton Thurs 13 May | Behind The Meter Energy 
  • Carnarvon Friday 14 May | Carnarvon Visitors Centre
  • Karratha 1 Saturday 15 May | Brite Solar Karratha
  • Karratha 2 Monday 17 May | Bridgestone Karratha
  • Hedland Tuesday 18 May | Walkabout Hotel
  • Broome Wednesday 19 May | Off Grid Energy
  • Fitzroy Crossing Thurs 20 May | Fitzroy River Lodge
  • Halls Creek Friday 21 May | HC Travel & Tourism
  • Kununurra Saturday 22 May | Nina’s Jewellery

Tune in for the entire trip by following Matt’s social media accounts to see everything that happens on tour.

Follow their adventure and we’ll see if Matt, Mitchell and Michael can make it through the regions only on Tess Tesla’s battery and smart technology. Hopefully, they’ll make it to their final destination in time to showcase Tess Tesla at the incredible Kimberley Moon Experience in Kununurra on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Tesla Model 3 Stats

Meet the Team

Matt Sear

Best IT & Tech Guru

Specialising in commercial IT for the past 20+ years, Matt owns Best IT & Business Solutions, and always has his head in the latest technology. A regular keynote speaker for cybersecurity and technology, we can now add Tesla’s and their advance technology to his list of loves too.

Michael Ross

Triple M Legend

Just be good at what you do and the glory will come. Michael did the hard yards across the country in radio to finally find his sweet spot with Triple M WA. Five years deep and loving every second, his love for media and genuine entertainment makes for great listening.

Mitchell Tinley

Triple M Legend

Pretty much ditto to Michael! They’ve been working as a duo from the start. Running rings around his university mates and past peers from the early days, media and radio has always been his thang. Definitely one who’s keen for a laugh, good mates and a long drive north.

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